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Groundnut oil

Perfect For
Deep Frying
Dough Making

Peanut oil or groundnut oil has sweet and nutty flavor, dur to its high smoking point its most commonly used for deep frying in Indian cooking. Due to its balanced flavor its used in many varieties of cooking.

Groundnut oil is used for cooking in various parts of the world. This oil has a nutty flavour and offers various health benefits. Ground nut oil is high in monosaturated "good" fat and low in saturated "bad" fat, which is believed to help prevent heart disese and lower cholestrol. Most studeis in animals, suggest that peanut oil might help to reduce fatty build up in blood vessel.

Groundnut oil is loaded with goodness of many vitamins,minerals and anti-oxidants.

Read some of the following beneifts and include this miraculous oil in your daily diet.

1. Improves insulin sensitivity: Groundnut oil is very good for people with diabetes. This is because theoil contains more amount of unsaturated fats than saturated fats which helps in improving insulin sensitivity and thus regulating the blood sugar levels.

2. Helps in hair growth: The vitamin E in groundnut oil helps strengthen the hair follicle and repairs the hair damage. massaging the scalp with this oil helps prevent dandruff.

3. Lowers the signs of ageing: Ageing is inevitable, however with extra care we can delay the process. Groundnut oil has anti ageing properties and is a rich source of Vitamin E. This

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